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Match Help

Joining a server or match

To join a server you need to know the server IP address. >>>SEE HERE<<<

Once you have the IP you need to enter it into fishsim.

Open Fishsim normally but select "online" - "server"
Enter the IP you noted earlier
Click "
close" - "connect"

To enter a match you will need to know the Venue, Peg, Date & Time so you can first practice the match. Don't forget to check out the rules too.
Once you're ready you can join the match as above.
Once you've fished the match for the time allowed the server will tell you "Your Time is up" & any more fish you catch will be nabbed by the Bayliff.

Running a server or match

To run a match you need to know a few technical facts.......

First of all you'll need to set up a "port forward" so your router allows incoming connections to enter the PC running the server. To set this up, I use a small program called Simple Port Forward although this can be easily done by entering the "Advanced Settings" to set the port forward manually. Click the image below. At this point I need to mention the IP address. You need to know the individual IP of the PC running the server & make sure this is reserved as each time to PC connects to the router it'll be allocated it's own IP. Click the image below. Note the number after the /24 as this is the machine ID & will need to be reserved.

Once these have been set you must restart your router.

Port Forward

Now that you have the port forward set up it's time to look at the server.ini file. >>>CLICK ME<<<

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