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This site was last updated 19-Jul-2023

These are my 4 venues. Each is as near realistic as I could make them.
They are all validated for safe download & are listed on the official downloader. Feel free to contact me with any comments.

Click the pictures to download the venues or visit the official downloader.

Todber Manor - Park Lake

This is the first in a series of venues featuring the Todber Manor complex south of Gillingham in Dorset.

Park lake is the original match lake constructed with an island along it's full length to simulate a canal. Fishing can be done without even seeing the angler opposite.

Stocking includes, some of the earliest lake Barbel  along with all the usual species. Roach, Rudd, Tench, Common Bream & Carp. There are also some Pike to watch out for whilst playing a fish.

Pasty Pond

Pasty Pond is a genuine fishing complex in the heart of the English countryside. The name has been kept secret at the request of the owner. This Download represents the specimen lake. There is enough room for quite a few pegs, but the owner has decided only 4 anglers may fish at a time.

I have taken some considerable time to replicate just how the venue fished during a trip by 4 anglers in July 2006. There are some fine specimen Common & Mirror Carp to be caught, all at the genuine weight for the lake.

Please read the book included for the full story. I hope you get as much fun from this as we did on that day.


Frome - Willow Vale

There are two "River Frome's" in England. As I live in the town of Frome it is obvious our river would be called River Frome. Please do not confuse this venue with 'The River Frome' (Dorset) .

I am creating a twelve peg river venue. This stretch of the river passes through a field at the bottom of my garden, before entering the town centre.

The stocking levels are as close to the real thing as I could get. Nothing big, it's only a small river. In recent years the river has been cleaned of pollution. A carpet mill & A wood preservative manufacturer are not good news for rivers, not 30 years ago anyway.

Now thanks to the river being so clean we have King Fishers nesting right in the town centre as well as Brown Trout in the river.

Miners - A two peg venue.

Miners is situated in East Somerset. Not far from the old Mining area of Radstock. It has a couple of deep holes which may have been the result of mining many years ago. Fishing as near as possible to the holes is a good tactic, but don't go too near as if you get a run into them you may not get your tackle back. The holes have very sharp edges.

Common Carp & Ghosties in their Twenties are there, but I hope they will make you look hard to find them. There is plenty of Roach & Perch to keep you occupied, and also some nice Common Bream & Tench.

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