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Welcome to Fishsim2 Pro match pages

The Fishsim2 Pro club has now been resurrected.
Thanks to Simmer Dad for arranging this & Glen Hares for supplying the files & information for this to happen.
Some of you will remember & may have even fished Pro Mode before.

At this time Pro Global Records are not available but hopefully it will eventually appear again. In the meantime I will host Club Match Records along with Weekly Results & League Table.

Sundays will now be Pro League match day. The server will run from around 4:00pm & close around 10:00pm (last entry 9:30pm).
Each match will last for 30 minutes & hopefully allow simmers to fish together on some not so easy creations.

For more information & to join head over to the Pro Club page.




  • Each match will last 30 minutes
  • Fishing will be 2 rods
  • Any publicly released bait may be used
  • you must display your Checksum on entry using .C
  • Make sure you have the correct specie files by occasionally installing the "All Species" file
  • Respect others when in the server
  • Chat plenty but keep it clean
  • Match points will be awarded according the number fishing the match - eg. if 10 fish the winner will be awarded 10pts, 2nd gets 9pts etc.
  • In the event of two simmers getting the same result points will be awarded according to the highest eg. three simmers fail to catch, all three will receive 3 points
  • 3 Bonus points will be awarded for the Biggest fish caught & the smallest fish caught as recorded in the result file
  • In the event of more than simmer recording the same Bonus weight, each will receive Bonus points
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