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Welcome to Fishsim2 Pro match pages

Due to falling numbers it has been decided to end Sunday Pro Club matches.
The eight seasons are still available to browse for results on the left.


The Fishsim2 Pro club has now been resurrected.
Thanks to Simmer Dad for arranging this & Glen Hares for supplying the files & information for this to happen.
Some of you will remember & may have even fished Pro Mode before.

At this time Pro Global Records are not available but hopefully it will eventually appear again. In the meantime I will host Club Match Records along with Weekly Results & League Table.

Sundays will now be Pro League match day. The server will run from around 4:00pm & close around 10:00pm (last entry 9:30pm).
Each match will last for 30 minutes & hopefully allow simmers to fish together on some not so easy creations.

For more information & to join head over to the Pro Club page.


  • Each match will last 30 minutes
  • Fishing will be 2 rods
  • Any publicly released bait may be used
  • you must display your Checksum on entry using .C
  • Make sure you have the correct specie files by occasionally installing the "All Species" file
  • Respect others when in the server
  • Chat plenty but keep it clean
  • Match points will be awarded according the number fishing the match - eg. if 10 fish the winner will be awarded 10pts, 2nd gets 9pts etc.
  • In the event of two simmers getting the same result points will be awarded according to the highest eg. three simmers fail to catch, all three will receive 3 points
  • 3 Bonus points will be awarded for the Biggest fish caught & the smallest fish caught as recorded in the result file
  • In the event of more than simmer recording the same Bonus weight, each will receive Bonus points
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