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This site was last updated 19-Jul-2023

Welcome to my Fishing Simulator 2 Newbie Help page

Installation guide in pdf format (credit to Simmers Dad) >>>CLICK ME<<<

When you first install fs2 it is recommended you install it to your route drive C:\fishsim2 making sure there are no spaces in the directory name.
NOTE: the default install location is different.
If you didn't do this, you can move the entire contents of your fs2 folder into the directory I mentioned (you'll need to create the folder though).

Now you've installed fs2 you'll need to update to the latest version.

While there are many versions available 2.13f fixes a graphics issue with Windows 10 while v2.13g fixes an issue with the Hair Rig.
You MUST install V2.13f first though.
Once you have v2.13f installed, download & unzip v2.13g. This is not an install.exe, simply drag this file into your fs2 folder & allow it to overwrite the existing file.


There are many venues, bait, tackle etc to download now. Head over to "SD's Downer" where you'll find plenty. >>>CLICK ME<<<

The two most important files are Bait Tidy May 2011.zip & Species - Objects - Weather.zip. These can be found in the "Downloads / FS2 Versions, Addons Etc" menu of the webpage.

FS2 Venues Official have been checked to certain criteria & are considered safe to import. There is also a section for FS2 Venues Tested. These are gradually being added to the Official section. There is a group of experienced simmers (volunteers) responsible for checking these files to reassure these venues do not compromise your install of FishSim2.
Any add-on you find from other sources may cause problems by overwriting existing files. Please beware of these.

All these downloads are in jr2 format & install via the Options / Advanced menu from the main screen.

Place the jr2 file in the fs2 folder & start the sim.
● Click "Options" > "Advanced" > "Import Addon"

Once installed you no longer need the jr2 file so it can be deleted.
Restart the sim & you will now see your new addons.

It is recommended not to install too many at one time as errors can & do occur.

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