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This site was last updated 21-Nov-2020

Results Table Match Records Stoppins Rules

(for simmers that "stop in" on a Saturday)


Fish speciesCaughtRecordVenueAngler
Barbel1033 lb, 7 oz, 10 drCanal Chichestersilvio
Bleak80 lb, 2 oz, 14 drPrivate Riversilvio
Carp1148 lb, 7 oz, 13 drPotts PondSeraSan
Chub1572 lb, 7 oz, 3 drYork Lakeroysdad
Common bream4635 lb, 2 oz, 10 drCanal ChichesterSeraSan
Crucian Carp1072 lb, 4 oz, 0 drMillparkphillthefish
Dace150 lb, 8 oz, 6 drPrivate RiverHodgey
Eel1452 lb, 5 oz, 5 drPrivate RiverHodgey
Ghost Carp317 lb, 15 oz, 5 drMillparksilvio
Gibel11 lb, 2 oz, 11 drCanal ChichesterHodgey
Gudgeon970 lb, 2 oz, 15 drCanal Chichesterphillthefish
Koi Carp8563 lb, 5 oz, 11 drYork Laketuba_dave
Leather Carp74 lb, 3 oz, 14 drCanal Chichesterroysdad
Linear Carp64 lb, 4 oz, 2 drCanal Chichestertrevor drake
Mirror Carp74 lb, 1 oz, 7 drCanal Chichestersilvio
Perch6682 lb, 10 oz, 10 drKings LakeSeraSan
Pike307 lb, 6 oz, 1 drKings Lakedont rob the machina
Roach6052 lb, 3 oz, 14 drKings Lakecliff
Roach/Bream Hybrid512 lb, 0 oz, 5 drCanal Chichesterroysdad
Rudd2992 lb, 1 oz, 11 drMillparkNew Neil
Rudd/Bream Hybrid542 lb, 1 oz, 13 drCanal ChichesterHodgey
Ruffe100 lb, 5 oz, 6 drPrivate Rivertrevor drake
Silver bream30 lb, 9 oz, 2 drCanal Chichesterdont rob the machina
Stone Loach20 lb, 1 oz, 0 drCanal Chichesterroysdad
Tench5217 lb, 0 oz, 11 drPotts Pondsilvio
White Bream263 lb, 2 oz, 13 drCanal Chichesterdont rob the machina
Wild Carp64 lb, 5 oz, 9 drCanal ChichesterALE
Zander12 lb, 12 oz, 9 drCanal Chichesterphillthefish


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