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Lockdown League Wednesday

Match Fishing from midnight to midnight.
Each match is 30 minutes - Limited bait - One rod only
Please read the rules of the match!

SD's Downer

VenuePegSim DateTimeType
AegeanAegean Big Game02-Apr16:00sea
A home dreamPeg 302-Oct08:00Course
2010Happy New Year12-Apr08:00Fly
A12 Cuton's LakesPleasure Lake17-Apr15:00Course
Aaron's LakePeg one21-Apr07:00Course
3 places of Sweden (Sea)Skanoer18-Jun10:00Sea
AdinkerkeCalais Bound23-Jun18:00Course
Adventure From LakesAdventure one23-Jun18:00Course
Ada Safari (Belgrade)Rulerus26-Jun15:00Course
A Clear Runpeg215-Jul12:00Fly
A calm placepeg418-Jun10:00Course
Adventure in AsiaEstuary of the Mekong River - Vietnam02-Sep16:00Course
A Golden DreamPeg 213-Aug10:00Course
A Place of SilencePeg 202-Oct08:00Course
A Romanian Fishing Experiencepeg3 - Heron Water02-Oct08:00Course
2011Happy New Year!12-Apr08:00Fly
A Trip Along The Fishing Linepeg102-Oct08:00Course
Crows RiverPeg One13-Jun12:00Course
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