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This site was last updated 13-Oct-2021

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Matches will run from 08:00 to 22:00 Wednesday

NB: last entry 21:30

  • Each match will last 30 minutes.
  • Each match must be fished in full & in one session
  • Fishing will be 1 rod ONLY.
  • Any released bait incl. Fly & Lure
  • you must display your Checksum on entry using .C
  • Respect others when in the server.
  • Do not discuss bait / tactics in the server.
  • Points will be awarded according to how many fish the match.
  • i.e. if 6 fish the winner will receive 6 points, 2nd 5 points etc.
  • If more than 1 simmer has the same score each will receive the higher points.
  • 3 Bonus points will be awarded to the "Biggest" & "Smallest" fish in each match.
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