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Stoppins Match Rules

Do you have the correct sp & stk files installed?

There are files included in some venue downloads which will overwrite your stk files. I wouldn't let this happen, though most simmers will not even know it has happened.

Please download and install Species Download which contains the official files and will correct any errors you might have.

I do check the results to be sure we're all using the same files & anyone with incorrect catches will not receive points.



Once you have installed the venue it is a good idea to make sure the 'checksum' number is correct. start your FishSim2 and enter the venue / peg you will be fishing.

Press F9 and make note of the coloured number near the top left of the screen.

Next go to 'Fishsim.net' records website Checksum Find the venue from the list. Read the number next to the peg to be used. If your number is not correct, you may have a bad download. Try installing the venue again. If this does not cure it post on FS2 Forum in the Venues section & you will get help. 

English Itallian
1. By entering the server you agree to these rules.

2. Only baits listed here Stoppins Bait List pdf may be used, NO fly or lure.
I may alter this list at any time to add essential baits to the list.

3. 2 rods may be used to fish these matches.

4. The latest version (currently Fishsim2 Version 2.13d) MUST be used to fish the match.

5. You must have the venue installed & the correct checksum before entering the server. You will need to reveal your checksum to the server by pressing F7 & typing .c (dot C) when you join the match.

6. Discussing baits or tactics in the server will not be tolerated.

7. The match must be fished in one session & for the complete match duration. Any simmer with good reason to rejoin should email me or post on the FS2 Forum explaining why.

8. Please out of respect only use ENGLISH language during your server time.

9. The use of Treble hooks is not permitted, unless targeting predator / sea species.

10. ALL matches will be 30 minutes in duration. Dates & times are posted in the Fixtures.

11. Any simmer found to be abusing these rules, will be removed from the match results


1. Inserendo il server si accettano queste regole.

2. Solo esche qui elencati Stoppins Bait List pdf possono essere utilizzati, NO mosca o esca.
I possono modificare questa lista in qualsiasi momento per aggiungere esche essenziali per la lista.

3. 2 aste possono essere utilizzati per pescare queste partite.

4. L'ultima versione (attualmente Fishsim2 versione 2.13d) DEVE essere utilizzata per pescare il match.

5. È necessario che la sede installato e il checksum corretto prima di entrare nel server. Avrete bisogno di rivelare la vostra somma di controllo per il server premendo F7 e digitare. C (punto C) quando si uniscono alla partita.

6. Discutendo esche o tattiche del server non sarà tollerato.

7. La corrispondenza deve essere pescato in una sessione e per tutta la durata partita. Qualsiasi cuocere a fuoco lento con buona ragione per ricongiungersi dovrebbe email me o postare sui FS2 Forum perché spiegano.

8. Si prega di rispetto utilizzare solo la lingua inglese durante l'orario del server.

9. L'uso di Ancorette non è consentita, salvo che il targeting specie di predatori / mare.

10. Tutti gli incontri saranno 30 minuti di durata. Date e orari sono pubblicati nelle Fixtures.

11. Qualsiasi sobbollire hanno abusato queste regole, verrà rimosso dai risultati delle partite.

As match coordinator my decision will be final
These matches are for fun and enjoyment
These rules are here to promote fair play

Points will be awarded for Best Total Weight.
1st place will be awarded 15 points, 2nd 14 points, 3rd 13 points etc. 15th place down will all be awarded 1point

These rules will form the basis of all matches but may be subject to change.


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