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This site was last updated 27-Dec-2020

SD's Downer FS2 Forum
SD's Downer has the most comprehensive download library for FS2
FS2 forum is a new forum hosted by SD (no adverts or begging pop-ups). You will need to register to view it though.

Welcome to my Fishing Simulator 2 Web site!

Fishing Simulator 2 is a complex & realistic fishing game used worldwide.

The venue, tackle & bait choices are endless making this a complete Fishing Simulator which has proven timeless over the years & still used widely by thousands of users.

It is possible to fish a match online with other users in real time or just challenge yourself to catch that specimen fish from the thousands of sea, course or fly fishing venues available.


This is a multi national fishing simulator

Fish on your own - Compete offline in your own time

Fish for fun or Compete in matches online with other anglers

Click the picture above to find out more & visit the creator's website

Fishing Simulator 2 is now Freeware (read the EULA) CLICK THE DOWNLOAD LINK on the creators home page
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