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A few thing that might help you get started.
Latest Update - 3rd Party Add-ons - FS2 Forum - Submitting Records
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You have your new Fishing Simulator CD & have installed it to the default directory. Don't take the CD out of your CD drive just yet. Start FS2 from the desktop icon. You will need to enter your FishSim2 name as the sim starts. Once you have done that you will see a screen with 8 buttons.

1) 'Go Fishing' will obviously take you to the fishing screen.
'Tackle box' allows you to select your tackle & bait.
'Memberships' takes you back to the Members list.
'Record catches' holds a list of all records caught on your PC.
'Options' takes you to the options screen.
'Library' holds all the books associated with FS2. Mainly help & tutorials.
'Credits' That speaks for it's self.
'Exit to Windows' What can I say.


First off, let's press the options button.
Remember I said leave the CD in the drive? Well now press the 'Advanced' button. You will now see this screen. Press the 'Import add-on' button, followed by the CD button, and you will see a list of extra Tackle & Baits contained on the CD.
One by one click each add-on and follow the prompts to import them all into your FishSim2.

Once complete, you will have a comprehensive starting point from which to fish.


In your own time you can try out the various options help in the 'Display', 'Sound' & 'Control' sections.
I would at this point advise you not to mess with the 'Editor'. This is a function used in the creation of Venues.


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Latest Update

Another important file to install is the FS2 update. Latest Update From time to time, Jase, the creator of Fishing Simulator2 releases an update to fix bugs & improve the whole experience of the Simulator. Once installed you will notice some differences. The current version is V2.13d. Whilst it is not necessary to install these updates, it as advisable & most match organisers require you to have it installed it to fish their matches.
Another important file is the Latest Species All the species that can be caught in FS2 are contained in this download. If you do not install these files you will get an error message when you fish some venues.


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Once you have mastered importing from the CD, there are literally Hundreds of Add-ons to be downloaded from the internet.
Add-ons are either Baits, Venues or Tackle & come as a JR2 file inside a Zip file.
How do you download & install add-ons?
Go to the Simmers Rest Add-on Download Site & download the add-ons you need. 3rd Party Addons
It's not necessary to download them all at once, infact I would recommend against it. Once you find you add-on, click the link to download it. Save the file in a convenient folder. Go to this folder and select the Zip file to be installed. Most PC's will have a utility called 'WinZip' (Windows XP has it's own already) Use this to extract the file from inside the zip. When you are asked Where to unzip to, you will need to point to the Fishing Simulator2 folder. This will normally be 'C:\Program Files\fishsim2' by default (BUT 'C:\fishsim2' is recommended) where C is you hard drive letter.
Next, start your FishSim2 and follow the route to import add-ons, as above, but with one exception. Your jr2 files are now in the FS2 folder, not on a CD. Once the files have been imported, the JR2 file is no longer needed so it can be removed to the recycle bin.
If you want to keep a backup of your downloads, the best way is to put the Zip files on to a CD or DVD.

Most add-on links are held on this one website. 
Four of the most important & useful add-ons are JBW's TACKLE TIDY (2 downloads) & MUMMYS BAIT TIDY (1 download) & ALL SPECIES & GRAPHICS (1 download). These files will install most of the species, baits & Tackle available.

When installing add-ons, take your time. Install them no more than 3 or 4 at a time, and test them out before you continue with the next batch. It is a known issue that some venue add-ons require a fix to be installed. Without this fix, your FishSim2 may crash. This is the reason I have advised you only install a few & test them out straight away.


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One of the best ways to find help & advice is on one of the many forums.
There are many forums available, but the main one is the FS2 community forum. FS2 Forum I would recommend you visit this forum & join. When you do join, just post a message to say Hi! You'll be amazed at the welcome you will get.
One word of advice though. Don't go straight in asking for tips, as you will only get silly answers. Try a venue first, use different Baits & Tackle. See if you can work it out. Then if you are really stuck, ask politely. The help & tips will come.


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Submitting Records

Fishing Simulator 2 holds both Venue records & individual records on a you own PC as well as Global Venue records on the website. Records As you are fishing you can press F8 to view your local records for that venue & peg. There is also an option to press the button "internet" which will download & display the global venue records for you to compare. If you have beaten a global record you will need to submit it to records page.
IMPORTANT . . . . .
Records can only be submitted during the correct month that the fish was caught in. ie. if it is January then you will need to fish in January to be able to submit any records caught.

Start FS2 and select a venue by clicking the small peg picture.

Next click 'Venue Records'


The next screen will have a list of records for the venue you selected. At the bottom is a 'submit' button. By pressing this, FishSim2 will connect to the records database for that venue & verify your record for you. If your record is valid it will update the database records.

You will of course need to give FishSim2 permission to connect to the internet & be connected for this to work.


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