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There are two types of match for you to fish.
Fishing Online - Creating an Online Server
Fishing Offline - Creating an Offline Match - Decoding an Offline Match

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There are many matches to take part in.

To find out where a match will be fished just follow a link from my match diary.

Match Diary

Below you will find instruction on how to enter a match
Firstly you will need to install the latest version of FS2 - currently V2.11g
You will need to register before you can download the update installer

Latest Update

Once you have installed the update you can then follow the instructions below.

First you will need to find out what venue is being fished. This can be done by visiting the various forums, or from my Match Diary.

Once you have found the name of the venue, DO YOU HAVE IT INSTALLED?

If not you will need to download it from the Add-ons Selector Addon Downloader To find the venue you will need to enter the venue name into the search box supplied.

Once you have installed the venue it is a good idea to make sure the 'checksum' number is correct. start your FishSim2 and enter the venue / peg you will be fishing.

Press F9 and make note of the coloured number near the top left of the screen.

Next go to 'Fishsim.net' records website Checksum Find the venue from the list. Read the number next to the peg to be used. If your number is not correct, you may have a bad download. Try installing the venue again. If this does not cure it post on
FS2 Forum in the Venues section & you will get help.




First you will need to find the correct IP Address These are posted on Running Servers page. Running Servers Make a careful note of the IP Address, you will need it later.

>>> Start FishSim2
>>> Select the correct Member - press 'Continue'
>>> Press 'Tackle Box' - Select the bait you wish to use.
You cannot add more bait once in the match. Also select the tackle you are going to use, although you can alter this during the match. - press 'Close'
>>> Press 'Go Fishing'
>>> Press 'Online'
>>> Press 'Server' - Use the 'Back Space' button to remove the numbers from the box, then enter the correct IP using the number buttons above the letters on your keyboard. Be sure to put the 'dot' between each set of numbers. - press 'Close'
>>> Press 'Connect'

>>> You are now connected to the server, which will set the designated Venue, Peg & Time for you.
>>> Press 'Go Fishing' to begin the match.


There are a few rules to be aware of during a match.
>>> Always respect the rules of the club.
These will be posted on the Match organisers website.
>>> Many match organisers require that you display your CHECKSUM when you enter the match. To do this;
         Press 'F7' - Type '.C' You may find others reply with their CHECKSUM which should be the same.
>>> Do not discuss tactics such as tackle, bait or where best to cast etc.
>>> Do not use foul or abusive language.
>>> Do not leave the server before you match has finished.
You will receive a message when your time is up.


To talk during a match
>>> Press 'F7' - Type your message - press 'Enter' on your keyboard.

If you receive a bite while you are typing
>>> Press 'Esc' - Be careful not to press it twice as this will take you back to the 'clubhouse'.

Here are a few 'short code' keys. More can be found be pressing 'Help' when you are in the clubhouse.

There are various smilies also available to use. - These may be used within a line of text.
>>> Type ';)' - wink
>>> Type ':)' - Smile
>>> Type ';d' - Cheesy Smile
>>> Type ':(' - Sad

See the help page in the club house for more.

>>> Press 'F7' followed by '.t' & 'enter' to find out how long you have fished so far.
>>> Press 'F7' followed by '.u' & 'enter' to see match weight.
>>> Press 'F7' followed by '.n' & 'enter' if someone catches a record fish. " Nice One " will be displayed.
>>> Press 'F7' followed by '.ty' & 'enter' if you catch a record fish and someone says 'Nice One' to display a "Thank You" message.

>>> Press 'Esc' to leave the server after you have finished your match.


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First you will need to download the Match Draw File (*.f2d). You will find this on the website of the Match Organiser.
Once you have downloaded the file, import it as you would a normal add-on.

Next is the user name .................... This can cause a lot of problems for match organisers.
ALWAYS use a name with no CAPITOL letters & preferably no s p a c e s. 'Tuba Dave' & 'tuba dave' are not good to use. I like to use an 'under score' as in 'tuba_dave'
The CAPITOL letters will be converted into lower case letters by FS2. The next time you fish an offline match the match organiser will receive a message to say your name has changed. This could suggest you cheated in some way. The space causes a dead link in the html code.

Now that you have your *.f2d file installed & your name sorted, lets look at how you can use it.


>>> Start FishSim2.
>>> Select the correct member name
remember no CAPITOL letters - press 'Continue'.
>>> Press 'Go Fishing'.
>>> Press 'Offline' - Select the match & press 'Details'. Make a note of the Venue, Peg, Time etc. press 'Close'.
Don't forget to see if it is a 1 rod or 2 rod match

Now you have the match information, you can practice for the match.


If your ready then lets fish the match.

>>> Start FishSim2.
>>> Select the correct member name
remember no CAPITOL letters - press 'Continue'.
>>> Press 'Go Fishing'.
>>> Press 'Offline' - Select the match & press 'Go Fishing'
>>> Once you enter the match you have to abide by the Match Organiser's rules. These will be posted on the website. Rules such as - Only one restart allowed, or even no restarts allowed.


When you match ends, you will see a message on screen telling you where to send your results. Make a note of the email address.
>>> open your email client - start a new message by typing the email address you just noted.
>>> Click 'Add Attachment' and navigate to 'C:\program files\fishsim2\offline\matchname_your_name.f2r' this is the file you need to send. (your directory may be different)
>>> Make sure you give the email a 'Subject' - i.e.. Wake Valley Pond Results. Then send the email.
this will ensure the email does not get marked as spam.
>>> Wait for the results to be posted on the Organiser's website.


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Creating an Offline Match


This is how to create your own Offline Match. There are a few things to do before we go any further.
You will need to have your Fishsim2 folder in the C:\ directory, not C:\Program Files\ as installed by default.
>>> Open My Computer, and navigate to your 'C:\Program Files' folder. Inside you will see the Fishsim2 folder.
>>> Open another My Computer window, and navigate to 'C:\'.
>>> Using your left mouse button, drag the FishSim2 folder from the 'C:\Program Files\' window & place it in the 'C:\' window. This is necessary as FSUtilities cannot handle spaces in the folder name.
It will now be necessary to redirect your desk top shortcut to the new directory.
>>> The easiest way is to delete your existing one and then right click the FishSim2.exe icon in the folder & click on 'send to desktop as a short cut.
>>> Finally you will need to install FSUtilities to the new folder.


>>> Start FSUtilities
>>> Click on 'Network Server'
>>> Click on 'Settings'
>>> Select the 'Venue/Peg' tab - Choose the Venue you require. Place a mark in the 'use server venue and peg' check box.
>>> Select the 'Date/Time' tab - Enter the match Start time, Duration and Date. Place a mark in the 'use date and time server settings' check box.
>>> Select the 'Match Rules' tab. - make your selections to suit your match.
>>> Select the 'Misc.' tab. - Make sure all boxes are unchecked.
>>> Click on the 'Valid Fish' button - Select the species you will be fishing for. If this is not a species match it is best to select all.
>>> Click the 'Generate Offline' button - Check the details & fill in the boxes.
See below for information.


1. Desc -  Enter a short description for the match.

2. Date Back - Enter the date all result files are to be returned by.

3. Email To - Enter your email address.

4. Code - IMPORTANT This is the most troublesome part of creating an offline match. The code you enter MUST BE UNIQUE. I always create only one file on any given day, therefore the date is always unique. Whatever you decide to use, it's a good idea to make a note of all codes you have used.

5. File Start - This should be a short name that will associate the file with the match. e.g. Wake Valley Ponds, Season 2, Match 4 = wvps2m4. Simple isn't it.


>>> Put a tick in the 'Club Members Only' box.
>>> Click 'Generate'.


To Create a jr2 of the file follow the instructions below.

>>> Click the 'Addon Manager' of utilities.
>>> Click the 'File Manager' in the next screen.
>>> Click 'Add' - Browse to the 'C:\fishsim2\offline' folder. Locate the f2d file and click on it to add it to the jr2. It will appear in the left window. Now close this window.
>>> Click on the 'File' menu - 'Save'. I usually save this file to the desktop so it easier to find in the next step.


>>> Locate the jr2 file and right click on it. From the menu select 'Send to' - 'Zip'
>>> You now have a zip file to upload to your webspace or distribute via email.



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Decoding an Offline Match


If you are running an offline league you might want to keep the stats & records safe. This will mean more preparation.
>>> In your 'data' folder create 2 new folders - 'default' & 'offline'
>>> Copy all files to the 'C:\fishsim2\data\default folder.
>>> There are 6 files you will need in the 'C:\fishsim2\data\offline' folder (See below) Copy only these files.
1. default1.sav

2. default2.sav

3. fscid.dat

4. alter.dat

5. fsid.dat

6. firstin.dat


>>> BEFORE you decode the results you will need to move ALL data files into the 'C:\fishsim2\data\Default folder' & move the 'offline' data files into the 'C:\fishsim2\data' folder. Then when you are finished, move them all back.

Place ALL result files & the draw file in your 'C:\fishsim2\offline' folder

>>> Start FSUtilities
>>> Click 'network server'
>>> Click 'Info'
>>> Click 'Offline'
>>> Select your match from the list.
>>> Click 'Decode'
NOTE - FSUtilities will check each angler with it's FSID

If this is the first match you will instead be asked to accept the NEW ANGLER

If the Angler's name has changed or the FSID has changed, this COULD point to unfair play.
If the angler used CAPITOL LETTERS in the anglers name for the first match, this WILL happen. You are best to accept in these circumstances. You will then need to MERGE the two angler's names.

>>> Click 'Close' (the cross)
>>> Click 'Close'
>>> Click 'Close' (the cross)
>>> Click 'Close'

Now you will have some HTML files in your 'C:\fishsim2\offline folder'

>>> The file called 'Stats' is the season statistics.
>>> The file with the name of your match is the match result.
>>> The file with the angler's names are their individual catch record.

NOTE - You will notice the 'Bait ref' column in the 'individual catch record' contains the bait the fish was caught on, but only for 'Float caught fish'. All fish caught on a ledger will be listed as 'Unknown' Bait. For this reason I delete this column.

NOTE - If you forgot to change the files in the DATA folder you will see strange stats.
This is your chance to do it again, but first delete the html files that were created, then change the files in the 'Data' folder.



All you need to do now is upload the html files into your web space & announce the 'results are posted'.


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Creating an Online match server
This is a complex thing to set up, but once you can set up & run a server you can run a match
Do you have a firewall? - You will need to give 'fsserve.exe' 'access' & 'server' rights to pass it.
Once you have done this, start fsserve.exe and give your IP address to a friend asking them to test the server.
If all is OK then you are ready to begin.
There are many reasons for someone not being able to enter your server. If you encounter problems, the best thing to do is post on one of the forums. There is always help at hand.
You will need to find two files - 'venues.txt' & 'Server.ini'. Both can be found in the 'inf' folder.
>>> The 'venues.txt' file contains the venue 'ref name' & 'peg number'.

>>> The Match 'Server.ini' file contains all the match server settings.

>>> The Fun Fish 'Server.ini' contains all the funfish server settings. 

Fun Fish Server.ini


Match Server.ini

>>> Open your 'venues.txt' file. (see the link above for an example).

>>> Find the Venue you want to use and note the (RED) venue ref.
>>> Find the peg you want to use and note the (
BLUE) peg ref.

>>> Open to 'Server.ini' file. (See the link above for an example).

>>> Enter the venue & peg ref details.
>>> Next set the date, time & duration. (PINK
) settings in my example.
>>> Enter your own welcome message (GREEN) settings in my example.
>>> Finally take a look at the (
BLUE) values in my example. IF set to '0' it is set to 'NO' - IF set to '1' it is set to 'YES'.

>>> Save & close the Server.ini file.

>>> For more information on what these settings do, read the notes at the bottom of the Server.ini file.

Now you have the server file set, you will be able to run the 'fsserve.exe' and join the server to fish the match.
Post the IP address and others will be able to join you.


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